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Good News

My dad got a phone call on Thursday afternoon from my BIL.  My sister, who was pregnant with twins, went to the doctor for her visit and they decided to deliver the babies that day.  So K went to the hospital, had a C-section, and delivered two healthy baby girls.  E is 5lbs 7 oz, is 17 3/4″, and doesn’t have a lot of hair.  J is 5 lbs 7 oz, is 18″, and does have hair.  Both momma and the girls are doing fine, although K was in a LOT of pain both after surgery and the days that followed.

My sister C had our nephew T for the past few days, and I got to see him last night.  C had taken him to the zoo.  T had told C that “he was going to eat the lions.”  He’s actually really smart for 2-1/2.  When they were by the giraffes, T told C “the giraffes are too far away.  I need a boat so I can cross the river and then I can go pet them.”  Like I said, he’s pretty smart.

We are trying to get him used to the idea of being a big brother and that it is a good thing.  Last night at dinner he told us he was a big brother, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  He doesn’t want to talk about his sisters yet, although C was telling me that T did get to see them, and he touched them, and “held” one briefly.  They were quiet while he was there, so he probably wasn’t too impressed.  That will probably change once they are home with him and start crying!

T has a special kiss – he licks your cheek like a dog and then he giggles.  I taught him a new one last night – an Eskimo kiss where we rub noses.  We did it once and he giggled, said “that’s funny” and then we did it two more times.  I love watching him delight in new things, and then he repeats the things he likes.  I really love watching him explore the world around him – it opens my eyes to new things as well.


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And so it begins…

I decided to start blogging to help sort the many threads of thought that tumble through my head.  Many people have a partner with whom they are able to share these thoughts.  However, it’s just me here, so I needed to find an outlet.  My hope is that this blog will help me on my journey of self-discovery to become the person I am meant to be.  Along the way I’ll share my triumphs and my sorrows, my creativeness and my self-doubts, along with the lessons I’ve learned, both past and future.  I can’t promise that this journey will be exciting or uplifting, or even worthy of your following it.  All I can promise is that the journey will be uniquely mine.

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